Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day

We just celebrated Memorial Day.  A solumn reminder of the many lives that were given to keep our country free and to help keep oppression from taking over the world.

It seems to me that we have disgraced those valiant lives that were sacrificed by electing a man who obviously thinks that the very oppressors they gave up their lives for are his friends.  And, the only reason he believes this is because they bailed him out of a bankruptcy and laundered money through his properties.

Even if a third of what is being reported about the connection between the Russians and the Trump group is true.  It is so morally and ethically wrong as to be criminal.  That the party who put him up for election condones these actions is also criminal.

Yes, I am a liberal.  Trump and the Republican party in general do not stand for what I stand for, but the fact is even though I did not hold the same views as the Republican party I felt they did have the country's well being at heart.  Boy was I naive.  These people spit on the graves of every one of our young men and women who have died in some far off land to protect us and the world from dictators, oppressors, and hate mongers.  How dare these people insult those lives like that.  And for what power, money, their own selfish needs.

I worry about our country and our people.  We will never be the same.  Who do we trust?  How can we believe in our system if greedy, power hungry can manipulate it to their own ends and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.

I want to apologize to all of the men and women who have paid the ultimate price for what they believed in and who did their duty for our country.  I also want to thank the men and women who are doing that today around the world.  They go where they go because their country has sent them there.  Our  "leaders" need to make sure that they are not put in harms way because of their own selfish, greedy desires.

To all of the military serving around the world and to all of their families who miss them terribly thank you.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Okay, I broke a rule.  I engaged with a Trumper and I let the responses make me angry.  I felt like I was a 10-year-old being told why I should never do that deed I just did again.  I did not start it.  I did not finish it, but I sure felt like it.

We were having a pleasant day.  We were doing our favorite pass time junking and checking out book stores and vinyl shops or trying to, kind of slim pickings.  We had gotten a recommendation from my daughter about a book store she and her husband had seen but not been able to go in because it was closed the day they were there.  It was open, so we went in.  Nice shop.  Lots of interesting books, nicely labeled and we were having fun.  Then it happened.

I walked to the front of the store and kind of out of the blue the owner made a remark about Hillary Clinton.  I felt myself tense up and almost did not respond.  He kept going.  I finally asked him what he thought was so great about the guy in the white house.  His response made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  He went on and on about how the white house guy had been treated unfairly by Boeing when he wanted to do a political stop at Boeing and that is how it was moved to Lynden.  Since I and a group of friends were stuck in the traffic on that day, it resonated with me.  He went on about how unfairly Trump had been treated and how awful Obama was.  I tried to speak reasonably to him, but he just kept talking over me and "lecturing" me on what a great job Trump was doing.

When I tried to  ask him how he felt about having a racist, lying, womanizing person representing our country to the world that is when it really went downhill.  He stated that Trump was not a racist and suggested that I had been indoctrinated by the liberal news.  I asked him if he knew anything about Steve Bannon, the friend of Trump who sat on our security committee and he did not know anything about him.  When I told him about Bannon's plan to completely change our way of governing and that he was a fascist, the guy ignored me.

By this time, I was ready to go.  I found Trace and told him I was going to step outside.  I was trying to leave and the guy would not shut up.  I told him he had a great store, it was nice meeting him, etc.  By that time Trace had walked up and the guy was engaging him, so I found my opportunity and left.

This morning Trace posted a blurb from someone who sounded just like the guy yesterday.

So this is my thing.  Everyone has a right to their opinion.  I really mean that.  I do not hold ill will against that man for not holding the same view point as I do.  My problem is that they seem so indoctrinated that they will not look at a different view point and they seem to think that those of us who hold a different view point are somehow not American and standing by our President.

In the case of the man yesterday, he had been a teacher.  It frightens me that he would be teaching my child.  It frightens me because critical thinking is essential in making choices that match our values, morals, and integrity.  When you spout doctrine without having thought about that doctrine you throw the values, morals, and integrity out the window and you can be used by whomever to further their own agenda.  It is a frightening thing that is happening in our country right now.  Next time, I will just hand him a glass of Kool-aid and see if he drinks it.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Be careful of the lies

Since the budget has come out many of us have been upset, angry, and frustrated  by the cuts and the obvious lack of compassion for programs that affect children, the elderly and the most vulnerable of our society, as well as the arts.

It has taken me a bit to try to digest all of this stuff, especially after the secretary made statements that seemed to be totally without compassion or understanding.  Then it hit me, actually someone made me realize these people are trying to run this country like a business.  You cut spending where there is no profit and you pour money into what will make a profit.  My guy informed me that war has always helped the economy, thus more military spending.  Hmm, the United States as big business.  I suppose it is if you look at it from a purely Chairman of the Board perspective.

The problem I have with this is that most corporations only look at the bottom line, which means dollars.  They rarely look at the hard work and dedication of the people who make that profit for them.  To do that would be far too personal, God forbid that we have compassion for the guy on whose back we are making those bucks.  After all they should be lucky they have a job.

I read an article about a town in Kentucky, (my birth state) that voted for the guy in the White House because he was going to bring jobs to their region.  They are one of the poorest towns in the United States.  They are hard working, good people who happen to live in an area where the economy was based on coal mining.  The coal mines shut down and the jobs went away.  Now they are experiencing the ravages of drug use and poverty, much as inner cities experience.  They feel that the guy in the White House will bring those jobs back to their area and they can get back to being that beautiful, self-sustaining area they felt they once were.

I wish that were true for them.  Since this regime feels as though this country should be run like a corporation and this area of the country obviously does not make a profit and to have them make a profit would take a big investment from some company or companies there is no incentive for the regime to help these people out.  I feel horrible for them because of their predicament, but mostly because they believed a liar and a con man.  Shame on him for preying on the hopes of people who were already down, but that is what he does.

I spoke to a young man today who said even though he did not vote for the guy he liked how he just said things straight up.  I asked him, so you are okay with what he says even though it can be proven to be a lie?  He said, well no, but I like that he says what is on his mind.  I said so you like him even though you and your family are using the ACA, you receive Medicaid, and food stamps, and you get assistance with housing, all programs that would be drastically cut with the new budget.  Well, no he said, I did not think about it that way.  Hmm, I said, maybe you should because if this regime gets their way, you think you struggle now, you have not seen anything yet.  He just looked at me kind of sadly.  

I am so often surprised that the people I talk to who say they either like the guy or want to give him a chance have never read anything about what is really happening in this country right now.  The young man and his family would essentially be fired from this US corporation because they cannot carry their own weight.  Quite compassionate isn't it?

I read that Meals-on-Wheels is getting a huge boost in volunteers since the news came out that their budget would be drastically cut with this new budget.  I am thrilled to hear that since it is a wonderful program that does so much more than just deliver meals.  But there again that boost was caused by this corporation mentality preying on the most vulnerable in our country and good people responding to that attack by picking up the slack.

I think this regime has to realize that the United States is not a corporation.  It is not a for profit company.  You cannot get rid of the "dead weight" by starving them or not educating them or giving them false hope just to further your own selfish greed.  Oh they may believe that you have their good at heart for a bit, but sooner or later they will figure our you have lied to them and then all those people who were thinking you were so great will turn on you quicker than you can go on a golfing weekend and spend hundreds of thousands of their dollars.  And the people in your party will be right along with you, wondering what happened.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Quit telling me to get over it!!!!

By all rights I should be a Republican.  I was raised in a family full of Republicans.  The most influential people in my life were Republican.  But, somewhere along the line I started looking at what they stood for and thought about it long and hard and felt that the party of my family wasn't the party for me.  For a long time I did not even let them know.  I did not want to argue with the people I loved so much.  I did not understand how they could be in favor of so many things that did not have anything to do with human rights and why they felt that building a big military was more important than taking care of poor people.

During these troubled times, many of my friends have been offended by posts I have done relating to the guy in the White House.   Equally, I have been offended by their posts.  Even though I do not understand their opinions they have a right to them.   I decided to blog about my opinions, rather than push them in their face on Facebook.  I decided to start a Facebook page to send all of my opinion filled posts to a place they did not have to look at it, if they did not want to.  And, still, I read their posts filled with insults and telling me to get over it, the guy in the White House is our president.  It does not seem to matter to them that he and the group he surrounds himself with are using the highest office in our government to further their own financial gains or that we have stepped back at least 40 years in the  fight for clean water and educating our children and the future of our country.

I have spoken to several Trump supporters and asked them if they knew who Steve Bannon was and what he believed in, since he is the guy in the White House' chief advisor.  Of those I talked to no one knew anything about him.  They did not know about his other cabinet members who are directly involved in banking with Russians or that the guy in the White House sells property to Russians looking to hide their money.

If you are going to back someone so fully whose agenda seems to be to tear our government apart (and don't misunderstand, I realize there are a lot of flaws in our system), at least read up on what the agenda is.  It certainly is not about making this country great again, it is about getting all the information they can to make themselves richer and insulting the American people's intelligence by feeding them fear and lies.

The Republicans keep telling us to get over it.  Sorry folks, I can't.  If I trusted that this regime was really working for our country it would not matter to me if they were Republican, Democrat or dog walker.  But I cannot get over that our government is being torn apart and reassembled by people whose only goal is their own agenda for their own good not ours.  So please DO NOT ASK ME TO GET OVER IT and please stop insulting people who don't feel the way you do.  And, for goodness sake, please find out more about the people you want us to get over.  That is all I ask, find out more about them.  Not the stuff that you want to believe but the real stuff.  It is available on the Internet as well as in the library.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Don't get distracted

Seems to me while all of us are being distracted by the newest, most outlandish BS to come out of the mouth of the guy in the White House, congress is just sliding one new and outlandish bill after another one through.  Maybe we ought to focus more attention on what they are doing and just keep laughing at the comedian in the White House.

There are some bills coming up that pertain to vouchers for schools, EPA, and budget cuts that sure need our attention.  I have called my congressmen more in the last few weeks than I have in my life.  I think I will put those numbers on speed dial.  It does not seem to do any good, as they have their own agenda and have started wiping out about 40 years of hard work to the environment and schools, but it is still worth a phone call.  At least we know we have tried.

I would actually like to call every congressman and senator in the United States, but I don't think they would listen to someone who is not their constituent or even live in their state.  I keep wondering when the Republicans who do have a moral ethic and are not crazy are going to stand up and say we have had enough.  This guy needs to shut up and go and take his gang of money laundering, philandering, racists with him.  Come on Republicans in office, grow a pair and speak out.  What have you got to lose.  You already look as stupid as he does by backing him.  It might make you look like you were elected for good reason.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It's driving me nuts!!!

All of this stuff is driving me nuts.  It is obvious that the guy in the White House has been doing business with the Russians and our new Secretary of Commerce helped broker some of the deals.  So pay back for doing that is giving him a job that puts him in a position that allows him to know even more about what countries would make good targets for helping his buddies hide their money.  In the guise of helping our commerce.  Maybe there is more money to be made in money laundering than any of us know, so maybe these guys will figure out how to help the US become a money laundering capitol.  The Camen Islands would have nothing compared to us.  Oh boy, and how does that help our citizens, who knows but I am sure they will tell us or not.

And how about that speech the guy in the White House gave last night.  Sorry folks I could not make myself watch it.  I got physically ill when I saw him entering the chamber.  I felt like he had just defiled a sacred shrine of democracy, something he does not even believe in.  He and his buddy Steve were probably whooping it up and high-fiving each other after the speech last night.  Yep, they really pulled one over on us.  They got a sows ear to look like a silk purse with a good speech writer and a teleprompter and the Republicans ate it up, like pigs in slop.  That's our guy.  See he can be civil.

Sorry folks I am not buying it.  You can try to make him sound legitimate.  You can dress him up, send him to charm school, and give him a good speech writer, but he is still a con man, a fake, and a fascist.

When he gets his wall built, and his military beefed up, and his tax cuts to his rich buddies, and then declares martial law, so that we are under his complete and total power I suppose some of these crazy people will wonder what happened, but it has been there all along.  He has been following a blueprint for making a new government that he and Steve Bannon cooked up, probably along with their other power hungry cronies long before the election happened.

Who, what, where, and when those are the questions we should be asking ourselves and making our congress answer, not even trying to reconcile differences.  The differences in these people are far too right to be even included in a conversation about reconciliation with people who consider themselves true Americans.  Was there ever talk of reconciliation with Hitler, nope.  And they will not stop until they have us all under control and wearing the black pajamas.  I never did like pajamas, black or otherwise.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Censorship, here?!!!!

A very conservative friend of  mine posted a short little message on FB about upcoming news about major media outlets coming in the next few days.  That sounds pretty ominous to me.

I read a lot of news and I mean a lot, especially for someone who went for years without reading or watching any news.  Now it seems that is all I do and I do not want that messed with.  I don't just read liberal contributors, I read conservative contributors as well.  I want to give myself the illusion I am being fair.  Okay, so I am not fair, but I still want to know what the conservatives are saying.

All of this hype from the guy in the white house has us all wondering about who can we trust and what should we really be listening to or watching.

I do find it convenient that I have my own resident ex-media guy to ask questions of and get input from.  Kind of convenient.  I must say he is more fair than I am most of the time.  He enlightened me that many publishers are conservatives, while many of the reporters they hire are not.  Nice checks and balances system, don't you think.  An amusing side note, he stated that one of the first things one of his publishers said to him was "Don't get me sued."

With that said, the checks and balances in the industry serve as a scale for how close they can come to slander without crossing the line.  Most employers, news or otherwise, do not want to have their money taken by lawyer fees.

Then comes common sense, which sure seems to be lacking these days.  I realize we all want to gather around people who think like us and rally support for our cause or causes, but come on folks, when someone calls everything fake that does not fully support the lies and deception that is being spouted doesn't that send up some red flags?  Apparently not for a lot of people and those people seem so doggone normal on the outside.

Our country was founded by rebels, people seem to forget that. Free speech was written into the constitution as one of our rights.  We have never had to deal with censorship of the press, except by their own internal organization and I do not want it to start now, especially now.

 I have no problem with the conservatives expressing their views, it is their right.  I do take offense at pretty much being called un-American if I do not agree with them.  And, I do take offense that they want my fellow Americans with that same right to be censored.  Not in the America I know and love.